Creative Process

Creative Process

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: just the creative activity a child is engaged in

Asking questions about an art project a child is working on is a great window into their thinking. Here are some open-ended questions and observations you might use with children:

  • Tell me what you are working on.
  • You made some interesting sounds with your shakers.
  • Tell me about your drawing.
  • I notice you used four different colors and filled the entire page.
  • What happens if you combine the two colors?
  • How did you make that shape with your clay?
  • What happens if you move your shaker really fast/really slow?
  • How did you make that stand up?
  • Is there anything else I can get you for your project/painting/etc.?

What We're Learning

  • self-expression
  • flexible thinking
  • language and communication
  • scientific thinking and problem solving