Show & Tell

Show & Tell

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: pictures

It can get exhausting to think of new things to say to your infants. Sometimes we're just out of new ideas. When you're feeling lost for words use printed pictures or images as a way to spark a conversation with your infants.

Hold up a picture close to a baby for them to look at. Use your words to explain what they are looking at. For example, you could hold up a picture of people at the beach and say, "This family is spending the day at the beach. It looks like a perfect beach day. The sun is out and the skies are blue. I bet the sand feels warm on their feet. I see a mommy and daddy in the picture and look, there's a baby too. This baby is wearing a hat, just like you sometimes wear a hat."

This might be a one-sided conversation in the sense that you are the only one speaking words, but pay attention to the infant and notice the ways they are reacting to your words and the images.

What We're Learning:

  • social / emotional (smiling at people, looking at caregiver)
  • language / communication (responding to sounds by making sounds)
  • cognitive (looking around at things nearby, showing curiosity about things)