Name It

Name It

Location: indoor and outdoor

Materials: none

Your infants are going to be absorbing all sorts of language from the adults in their lives. You can support this process by naming the things around them, especially if you see them showing interest in something. Name it and use a few words to describe it.

For example, bring a baby to the window to look out and point out the things you see. Say, "I see the wind blowing the leaves in that tree. Do you see the leaves? They are green right now. Oh look, a bird has flown over. Do you see the bird flapping its wings?"

What We're Learning:

  • social / emotional (smiling at people, looking at self in a mirror)
  • language / communication (turning head towards sounds, using finger to point at things)
  • cognitive (looking around at things nearby, showing curiosity about things that are out of reach)