Transition to School

Transition to School

Location: indoor

Materials: optional

Supporting your families to develop clear transitions between home and school is really important for everyone-- it makes drop-off a lot smoother and allows a child to ease into their day in a more natural way.

Help your individual families come up with a drop-off routine that works for them. Some examples:

  • Read one book together before mom or dad leaves
  • Start drawing a picture together and mom or dad leaves before it's quite done and says, "Finish this picture for me and show me when I come pick up!"
  • If you have a window that faces the entrance, invite kids to stand and wave in the window as their caregivers leave
  • Create a routine of a certain number of hugs and kisses before mom or dad leaves
  • Invite child to sit in a quiet corner with their favorite stuffed animal for a few minutes after saying goodbye until they're ready to join in with other children playing