Transition Circle

Transition Circle

Location: indoor

Materials: open-ended, none required

Circle Time can be a great tool to use during transitions because it allows you to release kids one or two at a time to the next activity.

Keys to a Successful Transition Circle:

  • Sing a song to invite kids to circle or say, "Meet me at circle." One song you could sing is sung to the tune of FrĂ©re Jacques:

Make a circle, make a circle,

Big and round, big and round,

Just like a hula hoop, just like a hula hoop,

And sit down, and sit down

  • Read a book, sing a song, dance, play a game. You don't necessarily need something planned for your circle, decide based on the energy in the room. If everyone is wiggly then dance and move. If everyone is low energy, reading a book might be a great idea.
  • Remind kids of what comes next. Say, "After this we are going to wash our hands and go have a seat for snack"
  • Excuse kids one at a time from circle to avoid situations where kids are waiting in line, pushing, or getting distracted with other things