Book Time

Book Time

Location: indoor

Materials: picture books, cozy space for reading

Transitions can be tough in any classroom, but especially if you're the only adult in the room. Create a routine around Book Time as a way to transition your kids from one activity to another.

For example, during the winter months when you need to help all of your kids get bundled up before you go outside, invite kids that are ready to quietly look at a book while they wait for the rest of the children to be ready.

Examples where Book Time can be helpful:

  • while waiting for a turn to wash hands for snack
  • waiting to go outside to play
  • after lunch, before nap time
  • as kids are waking up from nap
  • while you clean up a messy project
  • unexpected schedule changes or important things you need to tend to (ie: something gets canceled, or a child has an accident and needs help changing)