Repeat Reading

Repeat Reading

We've all been there-- your kids want to hear Good Night Construction Site again! No matter what, it seems they just won't get sick of it. Did you know there is a lot of benefit to reading a story multiple times? Here's how to think about expanding on a book over the course of three readings:

First Reading:

  • Focus on children's understanding of basic events in the book.
  • See what they notice in the pictures and keep track of the questions they ask.
  • Ask questions to promote recall and clarity:" What happened in this book?"

Second Reading:

  • Focus on children's comprehension of the book.
  • Point out any extra details in the picture they might have missed the first time.
  • Ask questions that connect the story to their own experience: "Have you ever been to the zoo?" "What happened when you went to the beach?"

Third Reading:

  • Focus on children's interpretations of the book. Give them opportunities to analyze and reason.
  • Ask questions to promote thinking and analysis: "Why did she do that?" "How did the characters build a boat?"

It can definitely get tiresome to read the same book over and over again, but if you can reframe it as a new opportunity for learning, (and even a new challenge for you?) you might be happier to read that book for the thousandth time.