Key features of Portfolios:

  • Documents all aspects of a child's development through work samples, photos, and quotes
  • Can be assembled in a binder or notebook
  • Typically a physical collection of a child's experiences over time
  • Include details to show context of learning experiences
  • Tie nicely into other documentation you are doing

When Portfolios are useful:

  • When you want to show development across a variety of domains
  • When you want to create something tangible to share with parents and visitors
  • When you want to empower students to share their own learning (ie: making a drawing and saying, "I want to put this in my portfolio.")

Sample Portfolio Pages

May 9th

Liz practices writing all of her classmate's names on the whiteboard using the Helper name tags. She asked the teacher how to spell each name. Teacher asked, "Where could you find that out?" She said, "Oh, I know!" and retrieved the name tags from the wall. She is demonstrating her pincer grip, as well as sharing space and materials with another child.

April 5th

Liz practices writing different words on the easel using dry erase markers.

August 13th

Liz's drawings. "These are all dinosaurs. This one has the spines and sharp teeth. This one has a long long neck and a tail."