Planning for New Families

Planning for New Families

An important goal for enrolling new families is to lay the foundation for a really productive and positive partnership with the parents. Building a relationship through open communication and trust will set you both up for success in what will ideally be a multi-year relationship.

When parents express interest in your program through Wonderschool they fill out a family survey, which includes information about the child's specific experience, personality, and needs. It's your first window into getting to know a family.

The time between when a family fills this out and actually starts in your program could be a few months (especially if they start looking for care before a child is even born!). It can be helpful to ask parents to update the information they shared with you as they get ready for their child to enroll in your program.

To supplement, we've created a comprehensive questionnaire you can use with your new families. Click the link below to download.

Tips for using this survey

  • Invite new families to fill it out for each child they are enrolling
  • Invite existing families to fill it out for a new sibling that is enrolling
  • Bring the survey to parent conferences as a basis for conversation and so you can make updates as circumstances change and the child develops
  • You may decide to ask all families to fill the survey out every year to have an updated record for everyone
  • If you enroll a few months in advance, hold off on sharing this with parents until closer to the enrollment start date to ensure up-to-date information
  • Read what your parents have written. You will learn so much about what is important to them based on what they include in this form.