Ages & Stages Questionnaire

Ages & Stages Questionnaire

As a member of the Wonderschool network you have complimentary access to the Ages & Stages Questionnaire. Read through for more information:

What is the ASQ?

An easy to use, nationally recognized tool to assess child development. We use two versions of the tool:

  • The ASQ-3 is a general development screening tool
    • Used with children ages 1 - 66 months old
    • Covers development in the following domains:
      • Communication
      • Gross motor
      • Fine motor
      • Problem Solving
      • Personal-social
  • The ASQ-SE2 is a social emotional development screening tool
    • Used with children ages 1 - 72 months
    • Covers social emotional development in the following areas:
      • Self-regulation
      • Compliance
      • Communication
      • Adaptive behaviors
      • Autonomy
      • Affect
      • Interaction with people

Wonderschool has purchased access to the online version of both tools, so you don’t have to fill out a bunch of forms by hand, and extends the access to you at no cost - we think it’s so important, we pay for the whole thing!

Interested in getting started? Reach out to hello@ for help!