Eating Outside

Eating Outside

Location: outdoor

Materials: snack or lunch, a picnic blanket

When the weather is nice, an outdoor picnic can provide the perfect opportunity for your children to connect with nature. Outdoor meals could happen in your backyard, at the playground, or at a nearby park. They can happen at a picnic table, sitting on the ground along a fence, or sitting on a blanket.

Pack up your snack in a tupperware or ziplock bag, pack some napkins, and head outside!

Having a few quiet moments eating outside can provide wonderful opportunities for your children to tune into what is happening with the plants and animals in your neighborhood. Your children will likely make observations without you even needing to comment, but for moments when they're absorbed in their food, here are some questions you might be able to ask:

  • Do you hear that? I can hear a bird singing.
  • Do you see that? I can see a squirrel running up the tree.
  • Can you see the sun? I think it might be hiding behind some clouds.

Possible Extensions:

  • Read a nature-themed picture book while kids eat their snack
  • Pick a spot overlooking a construction site for a chance to watch the trucks and machines in action while eating