What's Missing?

What's Missing?

Location: circle time (indoor or outdoor)

Materials: 3 or 4 small toys or objects (like different colors of bear counters), a blanket or cloth

This is a fun game to play at circle time to practice memory. It's one that you can continue to make more complicated over time, so your kids stay challenged.

Start by lining up 3-4 objects in a row and go over what they are with your kids. Tell your kids that you are going to put a blanket over the toys and when you take it away one will be missing. Their job will be to figure out which one is missing.

Play a few rounds.

Possible Extensions:

  • Take more than item away at a time. Can your kids remember both items?
  • Add more objects to the challenge. Can they figure it out if there's 5 objects total? What about 6?
  • Making it more challenginng by including more than one item of the same color (for example, if you're using counting bears like in the picture you can include 2 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green)
  • If your kids are younger you might start out with only two objects and see if they can remember which one went missing.