Daily Rhythm

Daily Rhythm

Location: indoor

Materials: daily rhythm visual

It's considered a best practice to have an established daily rhythm and to post it where your kids can see it. This is because kids thrive in a set and predictable routine. But are you using your daily rhythm to your advantage?

Use the visual of your daily rhythm to remind kids of the schedule and warn them about any changes that might be coming that day.

Morning circle is often a great place to do this. At circle, go over your daily rhythm and point at the pictures as visual cues. If you get to a part in the day that needs to be changed (ex: it's raining, so you won't be going outside today), talk about it with the kids. If you want you could even take it down or move the parts around to reflect the changes to the schedule.

Possible Extensions:

  • Hang your daily rhythm up with velcro so it's easy to move around to reflect the events of the day
  • Use the daily rhythm to remind kids of the routine, especially if they're new or have been away from school for an extended period of time
  • Your visual of the daily rhythm can also be a helpful tool if you have kids that are missing their parents. You can go over the schedule with them to show them where in the day their parents are going to pick up. (For example: "Soon we're going to have lunch. After lunch you'll take your nap. After nap you'll wake up and play a little and have snack and then it will be time for your mommy to come back."