Assigned Seating

Assigned Seating

Location: indoor or outdoor (wherever circle time is happening)

Materials: carpet squares or circles, paper, permanent marker, packing tape

Assigned seating at circle time has a few different benefits and tradeoffs. These tips will be most helpful if your goals for circle time include:

  • practicing name recognition
  • separating kids that are unable to sit near each other
  • ensure kids have enough space for their bodies

You can do this by using carpet circles (something you can buy) or carpet squares (often something you can get for free from the hardware store).

Write each child's name out on a strip of paper and use several strips of packing tape to tape it to the underside of the rug (the less fluffy side).

At circle time you can arrange the carpet pieces in any shape and order you like. Spread them out into a bigger circle to give kids space to stretch out and wiggle without touching their friends. Or put them right next to each other if you want kids to practice keeping their hands on their own bodies. You get to decide based on what's going on in your classroom, and change it every day.