Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: open space and either painters tape or chalk

Give your toddlers a chance to practice their gross motor skills. Use chalk or painters tape to create a zig zag line on the ground. Invite children one at a time to very carefully walk on the line, making sure to keep their feet touching the line at all times. You may begin children by holding their hand for support as they walk. Celebrate when they are ready to try all on their ow.

Possible Extensions:

  • Make multiple lines at different levels of complexity to challenge toddlers at different levels.
  • Encourage children to cheer each other on as they go.
  • Let an older child be the one to hold a younger child's hand for support.
  • Instead of lines, create large shapes for them to walk on. Talk about the shapes as they are walking on them; for example say, "You are walking on a triangle. A triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners. Let's count them together as you walk."

What We're Learning:

  • balance and core strength
  • self-regulation
  • instruction following
  • persistence