Paint Bags

Paint Bags

Location: indoor

Materials: plastic ziplock bags and paint

Here is another way to experiment with color mixing. Put a small amount of two colors of paint in ziplock bags. Seal up the bags (if you're worried about leaking, seal the bags with packing tape). Invite your kids to squish the paint around to mix it up.

Possible Extensions:

  • Use different combinations of colors so that everyone will have a different outcome
  • Ask kids to predict what will happen when the colors mix-- what color will they make?
  • Use three or more colors. How will it be different?
  • Tape the bags to the floor or window for kids to work on them

What We're Learning:

  • scientific thinking (ie: cause and effect, testing hypotheses)
  • experimentation with different materials
  • sensory stimulation (especially for kids with aversion to being messy)
  • language and vocabulary development
  • creativity