Pack Up

Pack Up

Location: indoor

Materials: a stuffed animal or puppet and a duffel bag or suitcase

This is a fun activity you can do during circle time or small group time and works well with your toddlers. Introduce a special character (maybe a puppet or stuffed animal you have in your program) and explain that they are going on a trip and need help packing.

Ask your children one at a time to help gather the items needed for the trip. For example you can say:

  • "We need something soft"
  • "We need a yellow cup"
  • "Can you go find something for Bunny to eat?"
  • "We need something purple"
  • "Can you find something squishy?"

As your children go to find the necessary items they can add them to the suitcase. After everyone has had a turn you can list back all of the items your children gathered, and say, "Now that we have a soft blanket, a yellow cup, a tomato, a purple block, and a sponge, Bunny is ready to go on her trip!"

This is an activity you can repeat often, because you can always change the items that are necessary.

What We're Learning:

  • behavior regulation
  • sorting and categorization
  • sensory exploration
  • vocabulary development
  • prosocial skills (turn-taking)