Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: props, scarves, instruments, etc. are all optional

This is an activity you can use during circle time or small group time. Introduce yourself as the leader. Say, "I am the leader; can you do what I do?" while modeling a simple activity like clapping your hands or patting your lap.

When a child mimics you, say, "Isabelle is doing what I do; can you?"

Once most of the kids are following along, switch to a new action. Repeat, "I am the leader; can you do what I do?" etc.

Possible Extensions:

  • Invite a child to be the leader, or take turns letting each child be the leader for one move
  • Use props to create more variety in the types of actions you can do

What We're Learning:

  • following instructions
  • self-regulation
  • language and vocabulary development
  • crossing the midline and bilateral integration (two important pre-writing skills)
  • gross motor development (core strength, shoulder strength, etc.)
  • exploring new materials
  • exploring rhythm and music