Bathing Babies

Bathing Babies

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: plastic baby dolls, a tub of water, soap, sponges or wash cloths, cups, towels

This is a great way to accomplish multiple tasks at once: providing your toddlers with a great sensory experience, practicing self help skills, and also washing your toy baby dolls!

At circle or in a small group, tell your children that their baby dolls need a bath and you need their help. Ask your children to help you brainstorm what materials you need to wash the babies. Give them hints in case they miss a few items (for example, "What will we use when we're done with the bath? We don't want them to stay wet. That's right! We need towels!"

Invite children to help you wash the babies. Narrate the experience for them and ask questions along the way. Remind the toddlers to be gentle with the babies while they are washing them. Encourage them to fill the cups with clean water to rinse the soap off the babies.

Possible Extensions:

  • washing other toys -- car wash, for example!

What We're Learning:

  • sensory stimulation
  • self-care
  • language and vocabulary development
  • positive social interactions with other children (ie: practicing turn taking, problem solving, sharing space and materials, etc.)