School Rules

School Rules

Location: indoor

Materials: large paper or whiteboard and markers

Help your children feel like an important part of their school community, while also setting norms for classroom behavior.

Invite children to help you brainstorm the rules of the classroom. Write them on a large piece of paper that can be displayed in the classroom. When possible make the rules both positive ("safe hands" as opposed to "no hitting") and specific ("we use kind words" as opposed to "we are nice").

You can refer to the rules from time to time when children need positive behavior reminders. For example, if a child is pushing you can say, "Is that how we use our hands at school?" or if a child is throwing toys around you can say, "Remember, we need to take care of our toys at school."

Possible Extensions:

What We're Learning:

  • being a member of a group
  • language and vocabulary development
  • self-regulation
  • instruction following