Picture Book Positional Language

Picture Book Positional Language

Location: indoor

Materials: a book of your choosing

Picture books provide a jumping off point for any number of learning activities. Positional Language is one perfect example. Positional language is the language we use to describe where something is, usually in relation to another object.

  • The book is on top of the shelf
  • The coat is inside the cubby
  • The trash can is beside the sink
  • The tv is above the fireplace
  • The couch is in front of the window
  • The child is behind the curtain

Positional language is important for both math and writing and is easy to incorporate in your daily routine. One way to do that is through books. Here are some examples of books that include positional language:

What We're Learning:

  • the purpose of books and how to use them
  • words carry meaning
  • language and vocabulary development
  • creativity
  • positional language (necessary for early math and early writing)