Colorful Coffee Filters

Colorful Coffee Filters

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: watercolors and coffee filters

Coffee filters provide a really nice surface for painting with watercolors because of how absorbent they are.

Invite your children to add different colors of paint using q-tips, eyedroppers, or paintbrushes (or all 3!).

Possible Extensions:

  • The coffee filters can be turned into flowers by attaching a pipe cleaner as a stem. Display in the classroom to create an indoor "garden" or send home for children to display at home.
  • Wet the coffee filters first and then drip small drops of color onto them. This is a great activity to do if you're exploring color mixing.
  • Attach the coffee filter to a clothespin to create a butterfly instead
  • For a lighter mess version, color the coffee filters with markers and then spray with water to spread the colors.

What We're Learning:

  • self-expression
  • experimentation with different materials
  • fine motor development
  • language and vocabulary development
  • creativity
  • scientific thinking (ie: cause and effect)