Bubble Wrap Painting

Bubble Wrap Painting

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: bubble wrap, paint, paper

Use bubble wrap to create interesting textures while you paint. Attach bubble wrap to something hard (a block, for example) and use tape to hold it in place. Show the kids how to dip the bubble wrap stamp into the paint and stamp it on the paper.

Questions you can ask:

  • What happens when you stamp it gently?
  • What happens when you stamp it ferociously?
  • What happens when you drag it?
  • What happens to the colors when you mix them?

Possible extensions:

  • Attach the bubble wrap to a rolling pin and allow children to roll it on the paper
  • Attach bubble wrap to your feet instead for a full body-painting experience

What We're Learning:

  • self-expression
  • experimentation with different materials
  • fine and gross motor development
  • creativity
  • color-mixing
  • sensory stimulation