Yarn Lines

Yarn Lines

Location: indoor

Materials: yarn, scissors, contact paper

This is a process-based art activity inspired by Candace Whitman's book, Lines that Wiggle. This is a really great book for introducing one way to think about art, and especially abstract art: lines that move in different ways.

Begin by reading the book with your children.

Invite your children to explore lines for themselves. Pull the paper back off of the contact paper and tape it down to the table so the sticky side is up. Invite your children to add one piece of yarn at a time. This might be a tricky instruction for everyone to follow-- it will be very tempting to all lots of pieces all at once. This is good practice in self-regulation.

Encourage them to carefully poke each piece of yarn with their fingers to make sure it is stuck to the contact paper.

Allow them to work until they are done.

You can display everyone's work on a window or attach it to paper and hang it on the wall.

Mixed-Age Guide:

Infants may:

  • just want to explore the yarn and contact paper: patting, pulling, dropping
  • want to observe other children working on this project
  • add clumps of yarn

Toddlers may:

  • add clumps of yarn all together
  • need support in making sure the yarn attaches to the contact paper

Preschoolers may:

  • need support in choosing only one string at a time
  • want to alter the length of the yarn using scissors

What We're Learning

  • self-expression and creativity
  • sensory exploration
  • finger and hand manipulation
  • hand-eye coordination
  • self-regulation and instruction following
  • cause and effect