Wood Shop

Wood Shop

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: blocks, tools, construction helmets, clipboard with paper and pencil

You don't need a full set of play tools to set up a wood shop or construction dramatic play for your kids. Put out whatever tools you have, and let blocks or cardboard stand in as pretend tools. Use cardboard or blocks as the items that can be "under construction". If you have helmets or aprons, include those for kids to wear while playing. Children can pretend to hammer and saw while building or repairing items in the classroom

Possible extensions:

  • Allow children to "fix" toys and furniture around the classroom
  • Watch short videos of construction projects on YouTube to give your kids additional ideas for their play
  • Visit a local construction site on a neighborhood walk to observe what's happening
  • Bring this out to your play yard-- allow children to "fix" and "build" the materials in your yard (climbing structure, fence, sand box, whatever you have)

What We're Learning

  • hand-eye coordination
  • fine and gross motor development (shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, finger strength)
  • sharing and turn-taking skills (both sharing materials and sharing space)
  • flexible thinking and problem solving (ie: "how can we fix this?")
  • language and communication
  • imagination and creativity