We Grow

We Grow

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: none

This is a game that can be tailored to something specific you are studying or just used as a fun circle time game that challenges executive function, vocabulary, and gross motor.

For this version we will think about foods that help humans grow. The game will start with everyone crouched down like a tiny seed. You will start listing things one at a time. When you say words that are foods that nourish humans your children will "grow" a little until they are standing tall with their arms in the air. So if you say "potatoes" the children will start to stretch out, but if you say "blocks" the kids won't move at all.

You can use this to expand vocabulary development, but the real challenge is in only moving a little bit at a time. Your children might be tempted to grow all at once, but encourage them to slow down and only move a little bit at a time for each food item you say.

Possible Extensions:

  • Tailor this to anything you're studying. For example, the kids can pretend to be plants and only when you say things that help plants grow can they grow (ex: sunlight, water, air, soil, etc.).
  • If you're studying a specific animal your kids can pretend to be those animals while you list the things that animal eats. This could be extra tricky because you can mix in human foods to try to trick your kids.

What We're Learning

  • self-regulation (ie: resisting the urge to go fast)
  • following instructions
  • gross motor (ie: balance)
  • scientific knowledge
  • vocabulary development