Water Painting

Water Painting

Location: outdoor

Materials: various paint brushes and buckets of water

This is a great activity that kids can do again and again and again. Invite them to paint on the playground using water. They can paint the swings, the fence, the sandbox, whatever. Painting vertical things (a fence, for example) is especially good for building the arm and shoulder strength necessary for writing.

Possible Extensions:

  • This can be part of dramatic play, children can pretend to be a crew of workers hired to paint these things
  • Challenge children to paint different shapes or letters
  • Encourage children to collaborate to "paint" an entire wall

What We're Learning

  • hand-eye coordination
  • crossing the midline
  • developing shoulder strength and other pre-writing skills
  • self-expression
  • scientific thinking (ie: trial and error, cause and effect)