Transportation Play

Transportation Play

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: chairs and a steering wheel

Kids are naturally drawn to different types of transportation-- cars, buses, trains, planes, rocket ships, you name it. Provide a few useful props to encourage their dramatic play. Chairs can be arranged to be seats in a car or benches on a bus. A small hula hoop or plastic plate can be used as a steering wheel.

Possible Extensions:

  • Have kids make pretend bus or plane tickets to hand to the driver when they get on
  • Kids can create a route map or schedule to hang inn the classroom
  • This could expand in a number of directions -- auto repair, car wash, etc.
  • Boxes can be used as props as well. A large box can be used to create a big bus, or small boxes can be used to create individual cars

What We're Learning

  • collaboration and team work
  • role playing and self expression
  • self-expression
  • conflict negotiation
  • flexible thinking
  • language and communication