Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: paper, markers, crayons, stickers, or other art supplies

It can sometimes feel tricky to figure out how to incorporate meaningful writing activities into your classroom. Finding opportunities to make thank you cards is the perfect way for kids to explore the written word.

Did you have a special visitor come to your classroom? Did you visit someone in your neighborhood at their place of work? Do you have a teacher leaving the program?

Invite your children to create thank you cards for this person using whatever art materials you have on hand.

Possible Extensions:

  • Support pre-writers by writing the words for them or collaborating on one big group card
  • Challenge your kids to write their own names
  • Give your more advanced kids the opportunity to write a longer message either by helping them sound out the letters in the message, or modeling how to write the letters

What We're Learning

  • pre-writing skills
  • hand-eye coordination
  • being a member of a group
  • literacy (ie: that words carry meaning, practicing letter formation, using pictures and words to communicate ideas)
  • self-expression