Shadow Tracing

Shadow Tracing

Location: outdoor

Materials: a sunny day, concrete, chalk

Spend some time investigating shadows made by the sun. Invite children to pose and then use chalk to trace the shadow they make on the ground.

Let this be a jumping off point for exploring shadows:

  • Compare different kid's shadows. How are they different? Why are they different?
  • Compare the shadow at different times of day . Have kids return to the same spot later in the day and pose again -- is the shadow the same? how has it changed? why did it change?
  • Incorporate different objects. Does a scarf make a similar shadow? What about a feather?

What We're Learning

  • scientific thinking (ie: making hypotheses, testing theories)
  • scientific knowledge (ie: movement of the earth, how shadows are made)
  • making comparisons
  • language and communication
  • gross motor development