Salt Trays

Salt Trays

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: shallow trays or tupperware containers filled with 1/2" of salt

This is a classic way to give your children the chance to practice their shapes and letters while engaging in a sensory activity. Fill the bottom of a low, wide tray or container with a layer of salt. Invite children to use their finger to trace different shapes in the salt.

Possible Extensions:

  • Use sand instead of salt
  • Post examples of letters or shapes at the table for the children to try to mimic
  • For younger children, encourage them to explore shapes and lines by making zig zags, curves, and squiggles
  • For older children, encourage them to make letters and numbers
  • Add in sticks to give kids a chance to practice their pencil grip (this is especially relevant for older children)

What We're Learning

  • crossing the midline
  • fine motor development (ie: finger, hand, arm, and wrist control)
  • self-expression
  • sensory integration
  • pre-writing skills
  • shape and letter exploration
  • developing pencil grip