Rock Band

Rock Band

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: musical instruments if you have them, other items that can be used as pretend instruments (ex: paper towel tubes as drum sticks, tennis rackets as guitars, etc.)

If you have your own real or pretend instruments, then that's great! Even if you don't, you can inspire children's dramatic play by providing the materials to make a pretend rock band.

Possible Extensions:

  • Costumes-- what does a rockstar wear on stage?
  • Build a stage to perform on
  • Listen to different kinds of music
  • Use other materials as instruments (ex: a tennis racket can be a guitar, paper towel rolls can be drumsticks, a big box can be a keyboard)

What We're Learning

  • self-expression and role playing
  • flexible thinking (ie: pretending an object is something else like a paper towel roll is a drum stick)
  • bilateral coordination (ie: clapping)
  • singing (ie: a chance to play with language and rhyming)
  • social skills (ie: engaging in play with others)