Potion Mixing

Potion Mixing

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: containers of water, food coloring, and eye droppers or pipettes

Mixing "potions" is a fun sensory activity that never seems to get old for small children. The use of eye droppers or pipettes turn this into a good way to develop fine motor muscles as well as hand-eye coordination.

Set up small containers of water (ideally clear so that you can see the "potion" mixing). Add food coloring to the containers. Invite kids to use eye droppers or pipettes to mix the different liquids together.

Possible Extensions:

  • The eye droppers and pipettes may be too challenging for younger kids, but practicing pouring between containers is still great practice.
  • Add in other materials like glitter, sand, beads, or flour to allow kids to mix in different textures to their potion

What We're Learning:

  • fine motor development
  • hand-eye coordination and control
  • sensory stimulation
  • scientific thinking (ie: cause and effect, testing hypotheses)
  • self care skills (being able to pour liquids between containers is part of self-care)