Popping Bubbles

Popping Bubbles

Location: indoor

Materials: bubble wrap

Next time you get a package that includes bubble wrap set it aside for a rainy day. (You can also buy rolls of it at an office supply store.)

Kids love using their fingers to pop the small bubbles, and this is a great activity for developing fine motor control and the muscles required for proper pencil grip.

Possible extensions:

  • This can be a great activity for kids to do when they're waking up from nap
  • Incorporate this into a routine for kids that need some time and space to calm down. Allow them to sit in a cozy corner with some bubble wrap to help work through their feelings.
  • Turn it into a gross motor activity by taping it to the floor and allowing kids to stomp and jump on it.

What We're Learning

  • fine motor development and finger strength
  • sensory stimulation
  • hand-eye coordination
  • emotional regulation