Play Dough Kitchen

Play Dough Kitchen

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: play dough and a variety of kitchen materials (ex: potato masher, spatula, utensils, slotted spoon, small pot or pan, etc.

Your kids might happily play with play dough every day, so long as you create variety in what gets included with the play dough. You don't need "real" play dough tools to create an engaging sensory and fine motor experience. Simply head to your local home store (or even thrift store!) and stock up on a few extra kitchen utensils.

When you set up the play dough table put out a variety of kitchen implements. This could spark some new ideas about pretending to cook, or it might not. The goal is just to give your kids a new way to interact with the play dough.

What We're Learning:

  • self-expression
  • experimentation with different materials
  • fine motor development (especially hand and finger strength, which is important for pre-writing and self-care)
  • language and vocabulary development
  • creativity
  • gross motor development (core strength, shoulder strength, etc.)
  • sensory stimulation