Mystery Box

Mystery Box

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: tissue box or other cardboard box, scissors, objects of varying sizes and textures

You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a Mystery Box (sometimes called a Feely Box) in your classroom. Use a cardboard box you have lying around, or even an old tissue box (the square size works best).

Cut a hole in the box that is large enough for a child to reach their hand in. You will use it by putting a mystery object inside of the box and seeing if kids can guess what the object is using only their sense of touch.

Ask kids to describe what they are feeling before they make a guess as to what the object is.

Possible Extensions:

  • For younger children you may choose to have a 4-5 objects on display that it could be to give them clues about what is in the box

What We're Learning

  • sensory integration
  • categorization
  • working memory
  • flexible thinking
  • language and communication