Mission: Walk

Mission: Walk

Location: outdoor

Materials: optional props

Turn your everyday walk to the park or playground into a new and exciting mission by centering it around a theme. For example:

  • Go on a shape walk! Give each child a specific shape to look for on your walk. If you like, give them a paper cut out of the shape to hold while they walk as a visual reminder of what they're looking for
  • Go on a walk where you look for as many things as possible that start with the letter D, or the first letter of their name
  • Go on a walk where you look for things that are soft, hard, tall, short, shiny, etc-- pick whatever defining feature you want

Introduce what you're looking for before leaving the house. When you get back, see what your kids can recall from the walk.

Possible Extensions:

  • Bring a camera to take pictures of the different things you find along the way
  • Make "I-Spy" binoculars using toilet paper rolls and yarn for the kids to wear on the walk. Encourage kids to look closely using their "I-Spy" binoculars

What We're Learning

  • scientific thinking and knowledge (ie: observation, asking questions, making hypotheses)
  • gross motor development
  • shape recognition
  • visual discrimination
  • language and communication
  • memory development