Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Location: outdoor

Materials: one or two jump ropes

Being able to successfully use a jump rope is a skill that children likely will not develop until they are in elementary school. But that doesn't mean they aren't the basis for some fun outdoor movement experiences.

Lay the jump rope on the ground and invite your children to line up. Challenge your kids to jump over it. You might say, "Careful, it's a snake! You don't want to step on it, so make sure you jump over it."

This activity provides a really perfect opportunity to observe how your children are developing their gross motor muscles. Can they jump over with both feet? Can they jump over with one foot leading?

Possible Extensions:

  • Make it more challenging by holding one end of the jump rope and moving it side to side like a slithering snake
  • Lay down multiple jump ropes for your children to jump over

What We're Learning:

  • gross motor muscle development (ie: coordination and crossing the midline)
  • turn taking skills
  • following directions