Inspiring Art

Inspiring Art

Location: indoor

Materials: large paper and markers, music of your choosing

Jean Michel Basquiat knew from a young age that he wanted to be a famous artist. You can introduce his life and art to your children by reading Radiant Child: The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat by Javaka Steptoe.

Artists all have different preferences for how they prefer to create art. Jean-Michel Basquiat loved to make art on the floor while listening to music. Invite your children to create art this way to see what inspires them.

This can be a collaborative project, which means you'll also get in some good social-emotional learning as well. Tape a large piece of mural paper to the floor and put out a few different art materials (markers, dot paints, oil pastels, whatever you choose). Invite our children to work together on the mural while listening to music.

Your kids may get bored and walk away. That's fine. You can leave the art out, and invite them to come back to create more if they are inspired.

Mixed-Age Guide:

Infants may:

  • enjoy observing the bigger kids work on the project
  • be able to contribute with a little bit of finger paint (and close supervision)

Toddlers may:

  • only be interested in this project for a few minutes at a time, leaving and returning again later
  • need support sharing space and materials

Preschoolers may:

  • need support sharing space and materials
  • tell you many details about what they are creating
  • have music requests

What We're Learning

  • gross motor development
  • finger and hand manipulation
  • collaboration and team work
  • self-expression and creativity