Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: chalk or masking tape and a bean bag or stone

Hopscotch is a classic childhood game that provides the perfect opportunity for gross motor development. By hopping on alternating feet your kids will practice their balance, develop core strength, and strengthen bilateral coordination.

If you are stuck inside on a rainy or cold day, use masking tape to create the hopscotch board on the floor.

If you are outside, you can use chalk or rope.

Once you have created your hopscotch board invite kids to toss a beanbag or stone onto the board and then hop to the point that it has landed.

Hopscotch also develops:

  • hand-eye coordination (the tossing of the stone or bean bag)
  • self-control and turn-taking (waiting in line for a turn can be tough!)
  • patterns (alternating between skipping with one leg and hopping with two is an AB pattern they can see and feel)

What We're Learning:

  • gross motor development (ie: hopping, skipping, jumping)
  • crossing the midline (and other pre-writing skills)
  • number recognition
  • instruction following
  • self-regulation