Foot Painting

Foot Painting

Location: indoor or outdoor (though this can be very messy, so outdoor might be preferable)

Materials: large paper, paper plates (or other flat paint containers), paint, bare feet, bucket of soapy water and towels for clean up

This is a great variation on finger painting. Instead of using the hands, kids get to use their feet. Invite children to take their shoes and socks off. They will step in paint and then step onto the paper to create art.

Have a bucket or tupperware of soapy water nearby so that when kids are done they can step from the paper into clean water. This is still a messy activity, but you can try to keep it contained.

Possible Extensions:

  • Turn on different kinds of music and invite children to dance to the music while painting with their feet
  • Hold the hands of younger children to help them balance (you may need to do this with older kids, too, since it can get slippery)
  • This is a great activity you can include your infants in, too! They don't need to be walking to use their feet for painting.

What We're Learning

  • collaboration and team work
  • self-expression
  • sensory integration
  • self-regulation
  • scientific processes (ie: cause and effect)