Dot Art

Dot Art

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: large paper and dot stickers (like these)

Inspired by the art of Yayoi Kusama, this art activity is great for all ages and doesn't involve a lot of cleanup.

Start by hanging up a large piece of paper (or connecting many small pieces of paper to create a large piece of paper). You can hang it on an inside wall, hang it on a fence in your yard, or set it out on the table or floor, depending on your space and preferences.

Provide dot stickers for the kids to add to the paper. Allow them freedom in how many they add and where they add them.

This is an art project that can build over time. If you can leave it out for your children to work on whenever they feel like-great! If your space doesn't allow for that, put it away when they lose interest and pull it out another day. Ongoing art activities like this one can be the perfect quiet activity for after nap time.

Mixed-Age Guide:

Infants may:

  • observe other children in this activity
  • want to participate (help them pull the sticker from the page and attach it to the paper)
  • want to interact with the art when it's done (looking at the dots, pointing at the dots)

Toddlers may:

  • need help pulling the stickers off of the paper
  • need guidance to keep the stickers on the paper
  • need reminders to only pull one sticker at a time

Preschoolers may:

  • have a specific idea of how they want the dots to look (placement, color choice, etc.)
  • need support in sharing space and collaborating with peers
  • have a lot to say about the art they are creating, so make sure to ask questions either during or after

What We're Learning

  • fine motor control
  • finger strength
  • self-expression and creativity
  • hand-eye coordination