Doctor's Office

Doctor's Office

Location: indoor

Materials: doctor kit, clipboards, paper, pencils, stuffed animals or baby dolls for patients

It is well established that kids use play as a way to process the experiences they are having in their own lives. A visit to the doctor can be a stressful experience for a young child, so opportunities to process through play can be very valuable.

Set up a doctor's office dramatic play with stuffed animals or baby dolls that can be the patients at the office.

Possible Extensions:

  • your older kids may want to take turns being the doctor or the patient rather than using stuffed animals or baby dolls
  • you don't need to have a doctor kit to set up a doctor dramatic play-- use blocks, paper towel rolls, or other open-ended materials

What We're Learning:

  • language and vocabulary development
  • self-expression and a safe place to experiment with experiences in their own lives
  • sharing space and materials with peers
  • turn-taking strategies
  • engaging in play with other children