Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Location: outdoor

Materials: a stroller or baby carrier

There is a lot of research to show that taking infants outside every day is good for their health and happiness. Plus it's great for you, the caregiver! A walk outside gives you an opportunity to observe and talk about the new things you are seeing. Whether your infants are in a stroller, carrier, or in your arms, take a leisurely stroll outside and stop to look, smell, and touch the things you see outside.

For example you might:

  • Pick up a rock or leaf for your infants to get a closer look.
  • Ask, "Do you hear that helicopter up in the sky?" while pointing to your ear and looking up at the sky.
  • Point at a dog walking towards you and say, "Look at the fluffy dog. He's out on a walk, too!"
  • Hold a baby closer to a flower or leaf to touch.

What We're Learning:

  • cognitive (observing the world around, listening to sounds in the environment)
  • physical (visual tracking, reaching)