Kitchen Play

Kitchen Play

Location: indoor or outdoor

Materials: kitchen tools like spatulas, spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowls, colanders, etc.

You may have noticed that when given the opportunity, your infants and toddlers prefer to play with the real kitchen utensils you have (as opposed to the lightweight plastic toy version). Lean into this desire and give your little ones an opportunity to explore items you have in the kitchen. They will love banging metal spoons and spatulas, measuring cups, and bowls.

What's great is that these are materials that your children won't outgrow. They will easily find new ways to play with them all the way into preschool.

Stop by the thrift store to pick up a variety of kitchen tools for very cheap. And then simply throw them in the dishwasher before (and after!) play.

What We're Learning:

  • cognitive (cause and effect, exploring things in different ways)
  • physical (hand-eye coordination, sensory exploration)
  • independence