Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone

Location: indoor

Materials: a variety of different infant materials (balls, cars, stacking cups, measuring cups, etc.)

Give your infants the freedom to explore in your space by setting up a variety of different materials spread out throughout the space. The goal is to have 3-4 different sets of materials that your infants can freely explore. By spreading them out throughout the room you will encourage them to explore the space, while also giving them something new to discover when they get bored.

Some ideas you can set out throughout the room:

  • a ramp with a few cars or balls
  • a mirror on the wall with hats or scarves
  • stacking cups with egg shakers
  • measuring cups and spatulas
  • a small plastic container with water and cups
  • a xylophone and other musical instruments

Throughout the day you can rotate the locations and combinations of materials you set out for your infants. This can be especially effective for when they're just getting up from a nap and are full of energy.

What We're Learning:

  • cognitive (looking around at things nearby, showing curiosity about things that are out of reach, exploring things in different ways)
  • physical (crawling forwards and backwards, hand-eye coordination)
  • independence