Bottle Shakes

Bottle Shakes

Location: indoor

Materials: empty plastic bottles, a variety of small materials that will fit inside (ex: macaroni, beads, seeds, sand, pom poms, marbles, etc.), super glue

Prepare by filling the empty bottles with different materials (the goal is for them to have varying sounds and feelings when you shake them). Put a bit of super glue inside the cap so that when you screw it back on it seals shut.

Model how to shake them for your infants. Place them on a surface near the infants so they can reach for them and shake them.

Possible Extensions:

  • Use bottles of different shapes and sizes for different effects
  • Model how to roll the bottles across the floor
  • Use the bottle shakers when dancing and listening to music

What We're Learning:

  • social / emotional (liking playing with others, especially known caregivers)
  • language / communication (responding to sounds by making sounds)
  • cognitive (looking around at things nearby, showing curiosity about things and tries to get things that are out of reach, exploring things in different ways like shaking, banging, and throwing)